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Mobilease’s History



Mobilease's History

Our History

Monday, February 01, 1980, was a cold, wet, dreary day. It was certainly not a day you would envision the grand opening of a new business, but it turned out to be the start of something quite remarkable. Founded in Houston, TX, we have been fortunate enough to become a part of the Houston business community and partner with many thriving businesses across the country for the last few decades. In 1984, four short years after we opened our doors, the Houston economy faced one of its toughest challenges in history. Like many of you, we fought through those tough challenges, determined to fulfill the promise to meet the needs of our clients. The companies that emerged from the crisis of the mid-’80s did so with the knowledge and stamina that would sustain us through the many dynamic cycles of our nation’s economy. As we successfully emerged from that time, our business philosophy remains the same; we will continue to build strong relationships with our clients and business partners that will stand the test of time.

In 1996, we took another leap when we formed a new division of our company that specialized in equipment leasing. The two divisions combined allow us to serve an even broader range of clients. Over the past three decades, we have grown from a portfolio consisting of sixty cars and trucks totaling $500,000 to an $80 million dollar portfolio of equipment and vehicles across the country. Our commitment has always been to deliver solutions, and the result of that, we’re proud to say, is revealed in every aspect of our company.

Though the road has presented challenges along the way, we’ve learned that it is in those challenges that our greatest lessons were learned. Today we stand stronger, with a firm foundation because of it. From day one, we have persevered, from weathering the storms of day-to-day business to our continued focus on customer satisfaction. We are proud that what has remained has been our integrity with you, our valued clients. Many of you have changed careers, started families, and some have started new businesses. Through all the changes we face each day, we have maintained the one thing that makes us a great community, relationships. Whether we catch up over lunch, attend a networking event together, or share a day with our families during our annual Pumpkin Patch. It is because of your faithfulness that we are still here. And so, with a grateful heart, we thank you, our amazing customers, for allowing us to serve you for the past thirty years. We eagerly look forward to continued growth throughout our communities and individual endeavors for many years to come.

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