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Our competitive edge, known as “The Mobilease Advantage”, ranks us higher than the rest. We go way beyond expectations in terms of quality service delivery since 1980. Our reputation precedes us due to our unmatched level of expertise in the leasing industry. Contact Mobilease today to learn how “The Mobilease Advantage” can help you.


Connect Your Fleet With Telematics

Managing a fleet for your business requires you to make decisions every day that have an immediate impact on your bottom line and long-term implications. Telematics can help you make those decisions by providing comprehensive data about your fleet in an intuitive solution. With telematics from Mobilease, you’ll always know where your vehicles are, how they’re performing, and how much time they’re spending away from the road so you can make the best decisions for your specific business.

We make telematics easy to implement and deploy. You’ll quickly be able to identify and train drivers with high-risk driving behaviors based on data on harsh braking or aggressive acceleration. Fuel card data will help you pinpoint and intervene in individual choices and events that collectively drive up costs, increase downtime, and harm your overall fleet performance.


Intelligent In-Vehicle Driver Coaching

Manage your safe driving policies, including speeding and idling. Our Device will play an audible alert to the driver when they reach certain speeds, helping drivers avoid unsafe driving practices.


Ultra–Accurate Engine Diagnostics

Our Telematics device is the most comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking device on the market. It is compatible with diverse vehicle types, including hybrids, electric vehicles, delivery vans, and highway trucks.


Accident Detection and Notification

If a severe accident is detected, you’ll receive an email or desktop alert along with second-by-second data. You can immediately dispatch for help and manage all collisions from your central location.


Simple Installation

Our telematics device is a small form-factor device that connects to your vehicle’s diagnostic port. The installation process is quick and easy and will work with any vehicle class, from a passenger car to a Class 8 tractor.

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  • Driver Tracking
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Routing and dispatching
  • Fleet management reports
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  • Fleet Fuel Management
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Fleet Benchmarking


  • Driver Safety Reporting
  • Driver Coaching
  • Dash Cams
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  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
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  • Greenhouse gas and emissions
  • Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment
  • EV fleet management
  • Vehicle Tracking device
  • Recycling Program
  • Data insights
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  • Software intergration
  • Hardware intergration