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Mobilease Fuel Management Program

With Mobilease, you can track fuel spending and make sure purchases are approved based on defined standards, locations, and policies. We combine fuel cards, effective controls, and detailed reporting to simplify purchases, enhance compliance, and streamline expense management. Easily monitor costs, determine each driver’s fuel use, and reduce vehicle cost of ownership with our fuel management program. 

Convenience For Your Drivers

Accepted at thousands of stations across the United States, our fuel card will help you save money and time on your fuel purchases. You can easily find the lowest-priced fuel near you with our online tools. In addition, drivers can take advantage of pay-at-the-pump convenience and 24/7 support for fueling.

Below are some of our fuel card features:

  • Leverage Fuel discounts at 30,000+ locations
  • Locate the lowest fuel prices with our online tools
  • Restrict cards to fuel only, or fuel and maintenance
  • Assign cards by drive or vehicle
  • Capture fuel grade, gallons, and odometer readings 

Fuel Card Controls and Security

Our enhanced fuel card security can help protect your business from fuel fraud and place a limit on when and how the card can be used. You may also limit the number of transactions and dollars spent per day and set up product type controls with spending limits. You can even set up layered authorization spend limit controls at your choosing. With Mobilease Fuel Card Program, you are genuinely in control of your fleets’ spending habits.

Here are some of the ways the Mobilease Fuel Card Program protects you:

  • Control expenses with preset spending limits.
  • Change purchasing authorization and spending limits quickly with online account management.
  • Implement financial controls easily across the card program.
  • Set customized limits based on employee needs, including purchase amounts, number of transactions, type of supplier, or other criteria.
  • Access real-time history for transactions of all types, including declines.
  • Simplify payment practices, ensure compliance and streamline program management.
  • Access a vast network of suppliers that can meet your needs and improve existing vendor relationships
  • Leverage expense management tools to simplify the process of transaction review, cost allocation, and management approval.

Mobilease Fuel Analytics

Our fuel management program helps you lower your fleet’s fuel consumption. Our consultants can look at transaction data and compare it against similar fleets to gauge how your fleet performs. Detailed analysis of transaction data helps inform future vehicle selection discussions while reducing your fleet’s fuel consumption, thus lowering costs.